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  • Does Mixfader work with all iOS, Android and Windows devices?

    Mixfader can be used with smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android & Windows.

    - Apple iOS devices:
    (following devices or newer): iPhone 5 onwards, Retina displays, iOS 9 onwards

    - Google Android devices:
    Android devices with Bluetooth® (4.0 LE)

    - Apple Mac devices:
    Mac devices with Bluetooth® (4.0 LE)

  • How do I connect my Mixfader to Mixfader dj?

    Before launching Mixfader dj, make sure that you activated Bluetooth® 4.0 on your device and that your Mixfader is on.
    Then, open the app: Mixfader dj will automatically search for a Mixfader. As soon as a Mixfader is connected, a congratulation message will appear: you can now scratch on the go.

    For Android users:
    A permission pop-up will appear once your device detects Mixfader. You need to accept it to be able to connect your Mixfader. We only use those permissions to detect Mixfader dj then connect it to your Mixfader. If your device isn’t connected to Bluetooth®, another pop-up will appear to let you activate it.

  • How can I add another Mixfader on Mixfader dj?

    You can add several Mixfader units on the app. To do so, go to the Settings of the app (little wheel near the ‘Record’ button’), then click on ‘My Mixfader’ and select ‘Add a Mixfader’.

  • How do I record a set on Mixfader dj?

    To record your set, you just have to click on the ‘Record’ button at the top of the screen. Add your FX, make your set and click again on the ‘Record’ button to stop recording. Your set will be saved automatically, and you will be able to retrieve it in the library on the ‘my mixes’ menu.

  • How long does the battery last? How will it charge?

    The autonomy of Mixfader can easily exceed 20 hours, so that you never get interrupted during your DJ sets. Packed with a built-in Lithium-ion battery, the recharge of Mixfader is super fast, 25 min recharge on average, and you can keep on using Mixfader while it’s charging.

  • How can I access the DJ effects on Mixfader dj?

    All your FX are available directly from the main interface. Select the deck (A or B) on which you want to apply a cue point or an effect, and click on the ‘FX’ button located at the bottom right corner of the screen. A menu will pop out, and you’ll be able to apply sound effects, hot cues, and loops.

  • How can I access other musical sources on Mxifader dj?

    In addition to the tracks in your library, you can access Deezer (with a Premium account only) and Soundcloud:

    1. Open the music library (click on the vinyl icon at the top left or right on the scratching view)
    2. Click on the little music note located at the top left of your screen
    3. Select the musical source of your choice
    4. Connect to your account.

  • What is the cut-in point option on Mixfader dj?

    The cut-in point option is used to set how far the crossfader needs to be moved for the volume to cut through.

    If you put it at minimum level, you will have to very slightly open the fader in order to get the sound of the opposite deck to come in. However, if you put it at maximum level, you will have to open it completely to get the sound to come in.

  • What is the Hamster Switch option on Mixfader dj?

    This option lets you reverse the crossfader curves. In normal mode, you use your thumb to apply a pressure on the fader, and your middle finger and/or index to tap the fader towards the opened position. When scratching in Hamster reverse mode, you kick with your thumb while your middle finger and/or index is kicking the fader back closed.

  • Troubleshooting - I connected my phone to my speakers through bluetooth, and now there is a slight latency. Why is that (ANDROID)?

    If your device is connected through bluetooth to your speakers, a slight latency can indeed appear. However, this is a connection issue between your device and your speakers and is not related to the Mixfader's performance. Indeed, the latency is only due to your device being connected to two other devices through bluetooth. We recommend that you plug your device to your speakers with a cable instead of using bluetooth so that Mixfader and Mixfader dj can run properly.

  • Troubleshooting - You plugged your timecode or audio vinyl set-up and you don’t hear anything coming from your device (ANDROID)?

    Use an external audio output. Please plug a headset or speakers with a jack-cable.

    Use your device as the audio output
    1 - Unplug your turntable
    2 - Enable ‘Disable USB audio routing’ in the developer's options
    3 - Repeat the setup process

  • Troubleshooting - You plugged your timecode or audio vinyl set-up and you don’t see any pop-up (ANDROID)?

    Your device may not have the requested USB Host. To make sure that your device is equipped with USB Host you can test it for free with the app USB Host Test (free on the Play Store).

  • Troubleshooting - You plugged your timecode or audio vinyl set-up and you don’t hear anything coming from your device (iOS)?

    Please plug a headset or speakers with a jack-cable. Most USB sound cards and turntables have audio outputs. Hence, when they are plugged-in to your iOS device the internal speaker is automatically disabled by the system. In this case, you must connect headphones or an external speaker to any output of your device (headphones plug) or your sound card (channels 1-2, 3-4, etc.). Please make sure that you connected the headset after having plugged your turntable in.

  • Troubleshooting - You are scratching with timecode and the moves don’t seem to be adequate?

    Please verify that you selected the accurate type of vinyl before scratching. You can check the current configuration in the application settings. Every change you make will be immediately applied so that you can hear the result.
    Also, keep in mind that only the following vinyl types are currently supported:
    - Serato 2nd Edition Side A
    - Serato 2nd Edition Side B
    - Serato CD1
    - Tracktor MK1 Side A
    - Tracktor MK1 Side B
    - MixVibes 7 (iOS only)
    - MixVibes V2 (iOS only).

    If you want to use an audio vinyl, simple choose Audio Vinyl.
    Besides, if the timecode signal level is too low or saturates somewhere in your setup, the timecode precision won’t be at its best. If you have an output gain on your turntable, or input gains on your sound card and/or preamplifier, please make sure that the signal levels are close to maximum but do not saturate.

  • Troubleshooting - Some buttons are greyed and you cannot use them?

    You will not be able to use the play and the pitch buttons on your deck. Those are disabled when using timecode and you will be able to manage those functions directly from your turntable.
    However, you can still manage the volume, the cues, the loop and the effects on your deck.

    Real vinyl:
    Some buttons are disabled on your deck, such as play, pitch, hot cue, loop and the echo effect.

    Also please note, that if you are trying to select a track into your library, a pop-up window will appear to inform you that your audio vinyl will be disconnected. You will not be able to see any spectrum, since you are using an audio vinyl as an external audio output.

  • Why do you ask me to activate the localization? (ANDROID)

    Android Marshmallow 6.0 or above need localization in order to allow bluetooth synchronization with Mixfader. We are not using this feature to access to your localization.

  • Can I use Mixfader while it’s charging?

    Yes, you can use Mixfader and perform while it’s charging.

  • How can I clean my Mixfader?

    Clean your Mixfader adhesive using a pre-moistened wipe to maintain its anti-slip properties.

  • Does Mixfader allow me to scratch in real-time?

    Mixfader’s compact design houses incredible innovation: this wireless audio device will never give you latency problems. Its recently patented, revolutionary technology is a world first and is the result of five years of R&D in sound signal processing. Indeed, our team managed to reach an average of 5ms latency, a latency imperceptible to human ears.

  • Does Mixfader moves when I am using it? How will it adhere to the table?

    Our engineering team has developed a super-adhesive rubber, located under your Mixfader. This adhesive adheres to your table and keeps your Mixfader static during your mixing and scratching experience.

  • What are the DJ apps compatible with Mixfader?

    Mixfader works with the following apps:
    - Mixfader dj: the dedicated app of Mixfader, and the first app fully optimized for scratching.
    - edjing Mix: the world’s most downloaded DJ app, to remix songs and make music.
    - edjing Pro: the most optimized pro DJ app on smartphone and tablets

    Mixfader also works with all MIDI music creation apps and software: GarageBand, Serato, Virtual DJ, Ableton Live 9 and Traktor.

    For Android devices, note that MIDI function works for devices equipped with Marshmallow 6.0 and more.

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